Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jason Kidd to the Cavs? AND No Larry Hughes?!?

So a story came out recently that Nets PG Jason Kidd is angry with the New Jersey Nets and has basically all but demanded a trade. You can read the story here from Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.

Personally, I don't trust anyone that looks like that guy talking about sports, but he made some good points. It didn't take long, but Jason Kidd came out and denied the reports, his agent saying he was "hurt" by the comments people were saying. You can read that article here from

Now, personally, I try to be an optimist. I mean, being a Cleveland sports fan, you have to be, otherwise you'll be jumping off the Terminal Tower. So I decided to head to the trade machine on to see what we could do to get us that point guard we all want. Here was my favorite scenario and one I think would work:

(click the image for a larger view)

The key though is, we'd have to give them Larry Hughes, or dump draft picks which I don't want to do, but that might not be such a bad thing. Larry Hughes might fit there, a different set-up with guys like Jefferson and Carter who will take care of all the scoring necessities, I think it frees him up to be a better 1 or 2. And it also gives them cap help by being able to dump an extra 6 million with the contract differences between Kidd and Hughes, and then they can get rid of Ira and Shannon and save more cash. So I think it works well for them.

And with the Cavs, do we even need to speak why this trade would be immaculate?! A true PG, a guy who plays hurt, knows how to get the ball to his teammates, and shows LeBron, we really do love you, please don't leave us. If this trade is even remote, I think it has to be done. Hell even if we have to keep Hughes, how many guys are untouchable on the Cavs? One. Do it Danny Ferry. You owe us.