Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jason Kidd to the Cavs? AND No Larry Hughes?!?

So a story came out recently that Nets PG Jason Kidd is angry with the New Jersey Nets and has basically all but demanded a trade. You can read the story here from Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.

Personally, I don't trust anyone that looks like that guy talking about sports, but he made some good points. It didn't take long, but Jason Kidd came out and denied the reports, his agent saying he was "hurt" by the comments people were saying. You can read that article here from

Now, personally, I try to be an optimist. I mean, being a Cleveland sports fan, you have to be, otherwise you'll be jumping off the Terminal Tower. So I decided to head to the trade machine on to see what we could do to get us that point guard we all want. Here was my favorite scenario and one I think would work:

(click the image for a larger view)

The key though is, we'd have to give them Larry Hughes, or dump draft picks which I don't want to do, but that might not be such a bad thing. Larry Hughes might fit there, a different set-up with guys like Jefferson and Carter who will take care of all the scoring necessities, I think it frees him up to be a better 1 or 2. And it also gives them cap help by being able to dump an extra 6 million with the contract differences between Kidd and Hughes, and then they can get rid of Ira and Shannon and save more cash. So I think it works well for them.

And with the Cavs, do we even need to speak why this trade would be immaculate?! A true PG, a guy who plays hurt, knows how to get the ball to his teammates, and shows LeBron, we really do love you, please don't leave us. If this trade is even remote, I think it has to be done. Hell even if we have to keep Hughes, how many guys are untouchable on the Cavs? One. Do it Danny Ferry. You owe us.

Monday, November 26, 2007

For All Those People That Say.....

That Ohio State doesn't deserve to play in the National Championship game because they don't play in a conference championship game, shut up. You can't blame them for something they have no control over.

For those that don't know, the SEC is the one that started the conference championship business back in 1992. In 1996 the Big 12 thought what the SEC was doing sounded super and jumped on board. The ACC was the last major conference to jump on the bus and that happened in 2005 when they expanded (The MAC and Conference-USA also play conference championship games but they won't be considered for the rest of this blog). But in 1999, to try to finally settle a true champion, the #1 vs. #2 debate each year, they created the BCS. And the real debate began.

Now, the first question we need to answer is, how do they decide to play a conference championship game? The Big 10 doesn't do it, the Pac-10 doesn't, Big East doesn't. But why do the other 3 big conferences do? Well a bunch of Athletic Directors get together and take a vote. If they want a conference championship game they play it. If they don't, there isn't one. Oh by the way, don't forget the money that is involved either, because, really that's what its about. Look at the areas that play them...the south, south eastern coast, and the Midwest. Areas that don't have the same professional sports draws and factors that areas like the north/north east and the west coast has. And honestly if you've been to those areas, college sports is held on a much higher level, with football elevated well above anything else.

Okay so lets look at some numbers. Here is how many teams from each conference that have played in the BCS title game since 1999. All years reflect year the game was played.

Big 12 - 5 (Oklahoma '01, '04, & '05, Nebraska '02, Texas '06 two wins, three losses)
SEC - 3 (Tennessee '99, LSU '04, Florida '07 all champs)
ACC - 3 (Florida St. '99, '00, '01 one win, two losses)*
Big East - 3 (Virginia Tech '00, Miami '02 & '03 one win, two losses)**
Pac 10 - 2 (USC '05 & '06 one win, one loss)
Big 10 - 2 (Ohio State '03 & '07 one win, one loss)

*Pre-Conference Championship game
** Virginia Tech and Miami are now both members of the ACC

So lets take a look together. The two conferences that I hear complaining about the most are the ones that lead this list in championship appearances and champions. The ACC and Big East stat is an anomaly because those programs, sans Va. Tech, have lost an immense part of their luster in the last 5 years. So what does this tell us? I think a few things.

First, it says the Big 12 and the SEC know how to win when they get there. A combined 5-3 record (3-0 for the SEC) is impressive. Aside from 2000 and 2003, a member from at least one of the conferences have played in the title game.

Second, I think it says the Big 10 and Pac 10 are good, but have few teams in the way of championship contenders. It doesn't mean an Illinois can't beat an OSU or an Oregon can't make a run, but the jury is still out if they can have the non-perennials make runs. There are 5 teams from the ACC, Big East, Big 10 and Pac 10 combined in the championship games while the Big 12 and the SEC sent 3...each!

Third, and most importantly, I think it shows this conference championship business might be blown out of proportion. I mean look at the stats that are there and it shows that chastising OSU is unnecessary. It's not their fault how the system is set up, and for those that say they play cakewalks, I'll give you partial credit. Do we forget the Texas home and home? What about the USC home and home the next two years? And Miami after that and tentative schedules for Cal in '12 and '13, Va. Tech for '14 and '15 and then Oklahoma in '16 and '17. Give all those schools credit for taking the chance, but keep it in mind for the Buckeyes for the next 6 days or so.

And as Ohio State gets put down and slammed in the media this week, and they wait to see if Missouri or West Virginia even allows this conversation to matter on Saturday night, keep in mind what they did and what they are going to do. 11-1 this year, the Rose Bowl no matter what, and waiting for an opportunity to go to New Orleans for some redemption, if it happens. But don't blame them for doing what was asked and what was on their schedule. Just buckle up and enjoy the's really the only thing you can do with the BCS anyhow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Larry Hughes...Your Killing Me Smalls!

It came out that Larry Hughes is gonna miss 4 weeks with a deep knee bruise, in yet another case where he ends up with a seemingly nagging injury. The thing that kills me is in 2 seasons he's played in 112 of the Cavs 173 regular season games since he's been a part of this time. He's missed 35 percent of all the regular season games they've played. That is simply unacceptable. I've seen way to much of Larry Hughes like this:

Instead of how it should be, like this:

Why do people want to see Barry Bonds go to jail?

I should start by saying, I'm in the group that wants to see him go to jail. But not for the same reason that I want to see OJ go to jail (its about time) or the same reason I'm excited for the Michael Vick sentencing (you can kill people and not go to jail, see above, but don't screw with dogs in America buddy). Barry is the first time I think people want to see this guy go down just because they simply don't like him.

It's not like anyone has strong feelings about the crime of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. I can honestly say I've never heard someone or seen a lifetime movie (my girlfriend watches them so don't even say it) where the bad guy was able to get away with some serious Obstruction of Justice.

See Barry did the one thing you can't do when you cheat...draw attention to yourself. And it's pretty hard to not do that when you are breaking the single season and career home run records. And its no secret that Bonds is controversial, he has that me first persona that opposing fans can't stand and hometown fans struggle to defend. The indictment changes things though. Its as if Barry just gave all those that didn't believe him, didn't like him in the first place the go ahead to tee off and acknowledged they're right. The SanFran fans have it worse though. They are the ones that defended him, protected him, said it was all just a witch hunt. And Barry just turned that big ol' head around and spit right in their faces. If I was a Giants fan, I'd want him to go to prison just for lying to the fans, just for lying to me.

And for those that think this isn't serious or thinks it will just go away, not so fast my friend. This is an indictment by the Feds, who normally, don't mess around with something unless they think they can win. Barry is in some serious shenanigans right now. And if I had to make a prediction, I'd expect a plea deal from Barry but I don't know if he can get away without serving time in prison.

What does this do for Barry's legacy? Destroys it. It doesn't matter what happens with the charges, the simple fact that there was an indictment vindicates the opponents and crushes the defense of the supporters. If I was a writer, I would have a hard time voting to put Barry in the HOF, but I still think I would. Unless more facts come out, I still think he goes. But whether Barry likes it or not, he's going to be associated with an asterisk...right now he just better hope its not next to his cell number too.

The Cure for Unemployment!

I have come up with a cure for unemployment. Well I didn't come up with it, I just saw it on the Internet and I'm claiming it as mine. I think thats fair, right? Check out this video and you'll see one of the coolest halftime shows I've ever seen, and my new idea to cure joblessness.

See, if we can train people to do crap like that, halftime would be sweet! It would probably lead to lower alcohol intake, be a more effective marketing tool and make Dolphin fans have a reason to stay until at least halftime. It might help drive more hallucinogenic drug use though........

This video just has to be experienced. Could be one of the greatest renditions of a song I've ever heard done at a sporting event.

And by greatest, I meant absolutely horrendous. I'm not sure if anything short of Charley Steiner and his "Francis Scott OFF-Key" zinger on Carl Lewis has made me laugh harder. Both of those videos came from a list on All Balls. You can check it out here: Another good blog to check out is Great sports blog with some extra emphasis those that bring us the game in their annoying fashions.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did you know a wolverine is also called a skunkbear? I wasn't surprised either.

So I couldn't think of a better time to start this blog going then during Hate michigan week. This leads up to what is, easily, my favorite sporting event of the entire year. There is something about this game, that to me, at least transcends rivalries in all other sports. In my opinion, there is no bigger rivalry/game/tradition in all of sports, than OSU - michigan.

And I can already tell people are going to say, what about the Yanks-Sox, Cowboys-Redskins, Army-Navy, Auburn-'Bama, Duke-UNC etc. So any people thinking that right now, stop. You're wrong. And here's why.

Cowboys - Redskins....well, maybe if Joe Gibbs could go back and time or allow Jason Campbell to use a racecar during games this one would have a fighting shot. The 'Boys are still America's Team, but until the 'Skins get some Tanto Power, this one will stay off the radar.

Army - Navy....First, thank you to all those that have served, are serving, or plan to serve in ALL of our Nation's military. With that being said, please stop acting like the national audience cares about this game. I mean, people don't even know where the Naval Academy and West Point even are anymore! I'll save you the Google search, it's Maryland and New York respectively. Unless these teams can compete with the new powerhouses and in the top 25, it just won't have the same shine to it. And Navy, the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl isn't helping. And no, I didn't make up that bowl name.

Auburn - 'Bama....The Iron Bowl. Let me preface this by saying I worked for a summer in Mobile Bay, Alabama so I did get a slight experience of the hype leading up to this game. Yes it is hyped in the summer, it actually is hyped about 36 hours after the game is over the previous year. This is the only game that has an argument for me against OSU-michigan in college football because the fans are crazy about it. But they have nothing else. The college teams are their true sports passion, and nationally this game will never catch on for two reasons. 1. If you aren't from the SEC you hate SEC fans because all they talk about is how hard their conference is and how bad your conference really is, no matter what the case might be. 2. People from the rest of the country just don't get the South. It is not the same as other places. It's true. Go there sometime, check it out. It's pretty wild.

Duke - UNC....Another classic college rivalry and this one ranks closer than most people think. This one always has the makings of being truly special. Perennial powerhouses, about 10 miles away from each other, passionate fans, and the hatred that fuels the best rivalries. The strength of this rivalry, Men's Basketball, is also its biggest knock for being up there with the best. This game can't end a championship run. It can't keep someone from the National Championship game. The beauty of College Basketball is the Big Dance at the end, but because it's there a loss in one of these games still gives you hope when the game is said and done.

Yankees - Red Sox....well maybe I should just put Red Sox - Yankees. Two great teams from "America's Pastime". The problem is, the sport is being left in the past for the America's Presentime, Football. Plus, in a sport that plays 14 months a year like baseball (I'm pretty sure Pitchers and Catchers are already reporting), with two teams that play against each other at least 18 times, it loses some luster to the "non-fan of one of these teams" national public. Sorry, its just the case. Plus the huge national attention given to both squads leaves a sour taste in the mouths of other fans. As a Tribe fan I knew I had to watch 3209587 hours of Sox highlights after the ALCS but couldn't I have 10 minutes of highlights to enjoy beating the Yankees? It became the Joe Torre variety hour and they lost! The national media will keep trying to beat this down the throats of all sports fans but it's one that just won't take.

OSU - michigan....So why is this one the best in all of sports? Because it has everything.

  • Football has become the new American sport.
  • It's played one time a year so the wait when you lose is unbearable.
  • This game has decided the Big Ten Conference championship 22 times (23 on Saturday) in the last 72 years. A third of the time this game is for a title, that is remarkable.
  • Perennial National Championship contenders.
  • The proximity of the schools, just a few hours of a drive away.
  • Fans with the utmost passion for their teams.
  • Schools encased in tradition.
  • Hatred for the opposing team that is as strong as your love for your own team.
  • Other people throughout the country who aren't fans actually enjoy watching the game

With all of these rivalries, they all have had their glory times. And most continue to thrive and fuel their fans passion each time they roll around. And whether you agree, disagree, whatever, leave some comments and keep the debate going. It's a good debate to have...I mean, Hate michigan week only gets to come around once a year.