Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cure for Unemployment!

I have come up with a cure for unemployment. Well I didn't come up with it, I just saw it on the Internet and I'm claiming it as mine. I think thats fair, right? Check out this video and you'll see one of the coolest halftime shows I've ever seen, and my new idea to cure joblessness.

See, if we can train people to do crap like that, halftime would be sweet! It would probably lead to lower alcohol intake, be a more effective marketing tool and make Dolphin fans have a reason to stay until at least halftime. It might help drive more hallucinogenic drug use though........

This video just has to be experienced. Could be one of the greatest renditions of a song I've ever heard done at a sporting event.

And by greatest, I meant absolutely horrendous. I'm not sure if anything short of Charley Steiner and his "Francis Scott OFF-Key" zinger on Carl Lewis has made me laugh harder. Both of those videos came from a list on All Balls. You can check it out here: Another good blog to check out is Great sports blog with some extra emphasis those that bring us the game in their annoying fashions.

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