Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sports Guy New & Old

So not to keep up with the Bill Simmons stuff, but something I found interesting checking out the WWL this morning. Simmons has a new post on the leader about his ramblings. The surprising part was how it seemed to not be so tame as some of his other posts. A couple examples...

Speaking of "Idol," you know this whole David Archuleta thing has to be absolutely killing Michael Jackson, right? Twenty years ago, poor David would have been wearing a sequined glove and sleeping over at Neverland Ranch by now.

I know she's doing a fine job, but does it make me a sexist that I can't listen to Doris Burke analyze NBA playoff games without thinking, "Woman talking woman talking woman talking woman talking ..." the entire time?

...And can ESPN organize a Josh Howard roast so I can stand on a dais and make these jokes as someone like Jerry Stackhouse keels over in hysterics and does the slumped-over-and-pounding-the-table routine? (Whoops, I forgot -- you'll see Danny Moder leave Julia Roberts alone for the night with George Clooney before you see ESPN get involved with another roast. Scratch that thought.)

I mean, I'm not saying, but I'm saying. Maybe ESPN is starting to give into some of his "promises" a bit in trying to make the workhorse happy. Either way, interesting in the grand scheme of this apparent near pissing contest between Simmons and ESPN.

Simmons also updated his other blog with a new story on Will McDoogle. It was a pretty solid piece I thought. More than any other reason, I'm enjoying the older stories so far because it really seems like watching a writer develop or hit that stride. You can see some of Simmons shtick that he uses now start to show through back then. Just an interesting point of view to look at it through.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bill Simmons Is Reminiscing and Pissed

Deadspin got the ball rolling with their interview of Bill Simmons and it wasn't real hard to figure out he wasn't happy. Then came word of his non-espn blog and you could see he was keeping the anger flowing. Now today he updates with a "new" old article from his past making sure to take a pot shot as well.

"This particular one was written right as I was starting to find a groove and my column was starting to resemble what it's like now, only if nobody was killing five of the best jokes or making me re-write them so they weren't as funny."

Honestly, I've really enjoyed (for the most part) Simmons over the past few years, and this makes me near giddy watching this unfold. For his sake, lets hope he doesn't run into Cris Carter in the hallway.

You can check out his latest blog posting and his blog here.

Credits to Deadspin, Awful Announcing, and Sporting News for links above.