Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dick Rod...What a Douche.

West Virginia got what they wanted, one last "Up Yours" to Dick Rod as he scampered to smelly michigan. An agreement was reached for Rodriguez to pay the $4 million outlined in his previous contract with West Virginia, but of course, Rodriguez isn't fronting the whole amount. Not even the majority of it. According to the Detroit Free Press,

Rodriguez will pay $1.5 million, spread over three years, beginning in 2010. U-M said it will pay the balance of the sum, $2.5 million, immediately and cover Rodriguez’s legal fees later.

Lovely. I really think this sets a bad precedent the way this whole situation has played out. You know, with the whole comparisons to slavery and everything? These buyout clauses have got to be enforced from the beginning or scrapped altogether. I guess I can take some satisfaction that $2.5 million in booster bucks will be used for that instead of trying to buy their next recruits.

Or keeping their current players since they seem to want to jump ship too. And don't worry, scUM fans are being as classy as ever about it too. Make sure to look at the first comment after the story.

Way to go Dick Rod, see you in November.

Detroit Free Press: Rodriguez, scUM will pay buyout to West Virginia
Charleston Daily Mail: Rich Rodriguez's lawyer uses slavery in regard to coach's buyout
Deadspin: Rich Rodriguez and michigan buy 64% of West Virginia
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